Human games != Bot games

This is more of an opinion piece. Please handle it accordingly. This is a topic that pops up time and again – we should modify the Brood War API to do things in a certain way, so bots will behave more like humans! Bots are having unfair advantages! Let me provide an example: the handling…

Undermind Episode 06!

My guests this week were Antiga, BananaBrain, and Yegers. Discussion were about bananas, pizzas, and the EnemyHurtThinkAbouter. Happy listening! Play in new window | Download

Creating a Starcraft AI – Part 11: Pathfinding

The last time, I was thinking about getting the WalkPositions on a line between two points. For this, I first create a rectangle with all the WalkPositions in between. Since the top left point of the map is the (0,0) point, for my rectangle, the top left coordinate will be the smallest of the x,y…

Creating a Starcraft AI – Part 10: Unseen threats, and memory

In the last part I implemented a threat map for visible units. For unseen units, the problem is actually a little bit different. My intention is that I should store the threatened positions within range of the last known location of the enemy unit. Things that are different this time: The time of the recording…

A YouTube channel for the blog

I decided to put up the podcasts to YouTube as well, because some people like to listen there. Here is the link for it, you can subscribe to the Undermind there as well. Happy listening!

Creating a Starcraft AI – Part 9: Threat map, continued

I’m continuing with the actual thing I’d like to use, which is a map of threatened WalkPositions. I need a method for “all WalkPositions in range of a unit”. A unit has a top, left, right, and a bottom position for it’s bounding rectangle. For first step, I’ll just add the range of the weapon…

Undermind Episode 05!

This weeks episode is a little bit longer than usual. The guests were Tyr, LetaBot, and Dave Churchill. Computers were scienced a lot. Happy listening! Play in new window | Download

Creating a Starcraft AI – Part 8: Making a threat map

I decided to go forward with working on the threat map. BWAPI has the onUnitHide(), and onUnitShow() methods for basically exactly this. So on show i’ll add the unit to the currently visible ones, and on hide I’ll remove them from there and store their last known state.  You can guess what the update method…

Undermind Episode 04!

My guests this week were Antiga, McRave, and Jabbo. Conversation were had, about smart things. Happy listening! Play in new window | Download

Undermind Episode 03!

My guests in this week were Bytekeeper, johandj (the author of BananaBrain), and Dave Churchill.  Unfortunately, my part of the audio was not recorded, so i had to re-record it in editing – if the conversation sounds weird, that’s the reason. Regardless, I think the end result is enjoyable, so happy listening! (Download link here)…